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    時間:2015-06-08 來源:未知 作者:學術堂 本文字數:2116字
        4、語言最好簡單清楚,不要直接用論文中內容,應該用解釋性的句式,如:When I was designing the lessons, I found that .
        Good morning all the appraiser committee members. I come from *** , majoring in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics. I am *** and my supervisor is prof.***.With her sincere and intellectual guidance, for nearly one whole year's hard work, I have finished my paper. Finally, it is the show time. This evening I will present my efforts to you all and I gratefully welcome any correction.
        the thesis aims at an elucidation of Lessing's chronological shift in her philosophy from rationalism to irrationalism. I choose this as my topic due to the following reasons. Firstly, I am fond of literature works , especially  Lessing's works. Secondly, Comparing to the studies abroad, which extends most than 50 years, the Lessing study in China is relatively new. Last but not the least ,as a female , I am keen on the study of feminism. For the above facts, I select the subject of From Rationalism to Irrationalism-on Doris Lessing's Construction of Dreams in Psychological Fictions as the title of my paper.
        I hope by studying this short story we can know more about the different arrangements for the dreams and hallucinations in Lessing's works at different period, the thesis aims at an elucidation of Lessing's chronological shift in her philosophy from rationalism to irrationalism.
        Next , I will present it to you. Here is an outline of my presentation. They are literature review, gothic tradition , the gothic style in the story and the causes of the gothic style .
        The thesis consists of five sections: the introduction, three chapters of   argumentation,and the conclusion.
        The introduction includes a brief introduction to the writer and the writer's works concerned, the literary review of academic research at home and abroad, the main theory applied in this thesis, and an explanation to the thesis's content, structure and significance.The three chapters of argument consists of 1) an analysis of the coincidental consistency of Lessing's dream construction with Freudian theory; 2) a comparison between the hallucinations in “To Room Nineteen” and the dream images in The Golden Notebook,and an analysis to the distinction between Lessing's and Freud!s understandings on the mechanism of displacement and condensation, on id and superego, and on trauma; and 3) essing's transcendence over psychoanalytic concerns. The last section is brief conclusion of the whole thesis. It restates Lessing's metamorphosis from rationalism to irrationalism.
        Ok, that's all. Now you may raise your questions ! I am ready! Thank you !!!
        2、首先要聽清楚問題,如果沒有聽清,可以要求老師重復問題(可以說pardon之類的話)。 3、回答時首先要態度好,要切題,而且不要保持沉默,不會時可以表示抱歉。 4、常見問題: (1)關于選題:如Why did you choose this topic for your paper 或Why were you interested in this project
        商務方向:SWOT,COSTING,FLOWCHART,RISK,STAKEHOLDER,如Do you think this point a piece of weakness of the shop 或Do you think this a necessary activity for the project
        (3)關于背景知識及理論知識:如What does SWOT stand for (商務)
        (4)關于論文存在的問題:如In the last sentence on page   there are some grammatical errors.
        (5)關于項目或論文將來的發展:如:商務方向:If possible, will you carry out the project, and if so, do you think it will make profit
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