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    時間:2017-08-31 來源:未知 作者:秦老師 本文字數:1317字
      Good evening, all the appraiser committee members. I come from HUST, majoring in foreign linguistics and applied linguistics.  I am *** and my supervisor is prof.***. With her sincere and intellectual guidance, for nearly one whole year's hard work, I have finished my paper. Finally, it is the show time. This evening I will present my efforts to you all and I gratefully welcome any correction.
      The title of my paper is A Study of the Causes of the Gothic Style
      in A Rose for Emily from a Feminist Perspective. I choose this as my topic due to the following reasons. Firstly, I am fond of literature works , especially gothic literature works. Secondly, I am quite familiar with this short story as this is one of the texts in our intensive teaching course  and I have taught this text for more than 3 times . Last but not the least ,as a female , I am keen on the study of feminism. For the above facts, I select the subject of  A Study of the Causes of the Gothic Style in A Rose for Emily from a Feminist Perspective as the title of my paper.
      I hope by studying this short story we can know more about American southern women in certain history and culture and more importantly help women in modern society get a deeper understanding about ourselves ,help us raise our independence and confidence and show more concern for our mental health.
      Next , I will present it to you. Here is an outline of my presentation. They are literature review, gothic tradition , the gothic style in the story and the causes of the gothic style .
      This paper consists of six parts. Part one presents an introduction to the author William Faulkner and A Rose for Emily by pointing out the purpose and significance of this study. Part two is literature review which introduces the relevant research about this novel at home and abroad and then points out the theoretical basis and methods.  Part three gives a timeline of the gothic tradition in literature and explains the main characteristics of gothic works. Part four explains the three aspects of the gothic style in the novel,that is, the death theme, grotesque characters and mystic atmosphere. Part five then explains in detail the causes of the gothic style in this novel: patriarchal oppression, the myth of southern ladyhood and Emily's attitude towards love. Finally, in the conclusion, the author summarizes the previous parts and emphasizes the significance of the argument of the thesis again.
      Ok, that's all. Now you may raise your questions ! I am ready! Thank you !
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