Madagascar 3 – Europe’s Most Wanted : I’m The Phase Tracker

Alex: “I drop down, grab the penguins, you crank me up and we are out of here.”

Marty: “Oh, oh, let me drop down! I’ll grab the penguins!”

Alex: “You don’t have fingers, Marty! These are things a leader has to think of…”

Marty: “Why should you be the leader? Why not me?”

Alex: “Because I’m the phase tracker.”

Marty: “Who voted you grand phase tracker anyway…”

Alex: “Me, I voted me. Because I’m the leader.”

Melman: “Maybe I should be in charge, I am a doctor…”

Marty: “Why can’t we all be leaders?”

Gloria: “Enough! I’m gonna lead…” (Gloria falls through the ceiling, leaving Alex hanging above the shocked casino crowd)

Alex: “Heh heh…”

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